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Enjoy your vacation relaxing in a 16th century castle on a secluded hilltop overlooking the “Grand Vallee” of the Loire.

La Noue is currently owned and operated by Madame Marie- Christine Miller, the granddaughter of Baron de Cools. The Chateau has been in her family for almost 200 years. The Chateau and its surrounding grounds provide a serene setting from where to explore the Loire Valley, its majestic river (named World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and its many treasures.

Today Madame Miller makes available to her guests a variety of accommodations ranging from a multi-room apartment to single bedrooms. She has meticulously restored the castle to provide all the amenities and modern conveniences to make one’s stay very comfortable.

The Chateau is less than 2 hours south of Paris and can be used as a base for day trips to the City of Lights via car or train. You are only a few minutes from many of the Grand Chateaux once owned by the Kings of France. Cathedrals, Royal Abbeys and Churches dating back to the Middle Ages are easily reached within the area. The Loire Valley is also one of the finest wine producing regions of France with a variety of vineyards and wine cellars available for visiting. If you prefer, walking and bicycle tours are also at your disposal or you can just spend your time strolling the grounds surrounding the castle, enjoying its tranquility and abundant wildlife.

Madame Miller has lived in the United States for over 30 years. She is bilingual English/French. She has worked in the travel industry for many years and is happy to provide suggestions to enhance your enjoyment of your trip to France and Chateau de La Noue.


In the XVI century, the Chateau de La Noue was a manor house which, at that time, was surrounded by walls and so known as a “Closerie de La Noue”.

It underwent numerous changes during the following centuries but still to this day, preserves the two XVI century towers, each dressed of a slate cone over an octagonal ridge turret. The North Tower is a chapel mentionned in the 1776 registry of visits. The renovation of the chapel in 1896 included the renovation of the stained Glass windows and are signed “Florence, successor of L. Lobin”. On the left window has been preserved a medallion representing the Coat of Arms of the Bouault family who may well have been the first owners of La Noue. Rene Bouault, Sire of La Noue, was mayor of Amboise from 1596 to 1599. On the right one (window), one can see the Coat of Arms of the Faullote de Cools family who were responsible for the 1896 renovations. The wing which spreads between the two towers dates back to the XVII century.

In 1672, La Noue became the property of Sire Archambault, president of the Salt Granary of Neuvy. In 1736, the Closerie of La Noue was sold to Etienne Cassin, Squire, president of the French Treasury office in Tours. One notes that his wife, Marie Abraham, was buried in the Villedomer cemetery. In July 1822, La Noue was sold to Marie Guignard who died shortly afterwards with no heirs and on March 03, 1826 La Noue became the property of Baron Amedee de Cools, Chief of Staff of the Royal Guard. He died on February 27, 1861 and La Noue still remains in the family.

The image above shows a postcard of Chateau de La Noue as it appears in this memory book published in 1998 (left image), as part of the long history of which it has been a part for the last 400 years.

The facades and roofs of the XVII century wing as well as the two towers were registered on the Historical Monuments ledger in 1948.
Nowadays, to keep the family and local heritage alive, La Noue offers, in an exceptional environment, a vacation home and reception ballrooms for wedding receptions, family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, retreats, seminars etc…

Welcome at la Noue!